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Beloved Places
Set In Stone

I hand-craft intricately detailed, pure white sandstone ornaments of beloved places, presented on a quality engraved wooden base.

Home is where the heart is, so why not have every detail of your home lovingly and faithfully sculpted into a striking, hand-made ornament for your family and visitors to enjoy? Or how about celebrating in a unique way the place that brings you and your fellow community members together? Your church or local theatre? Your golf clubhouse?

Employing The Weathered Mason's unique talents, you can have ornaments delivered within just a few short weeks of my visiting your premises!

Click below to view my full range of bespoke services.


As well as my bespoke services, I offer a range of ornaments of beloved landmarks and structures. Faithfully realised in my signature, artisanal style, rarely before have these places looked this good!

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