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Individual Order

Individual Order

"I would like one or more ornaments of my own private property for my own personal enjoyment."


Whenever I come across an ornament of a landmark in someone's house, they are usually of famous structures that they maybe visited one holiday.

The Statue of Liberty

The Eiffel Tower

Big Ben

Rarely are they truly unique works of art, or locations for which the owner holds any particular emotional fondness. Employing The Weathered Mason's unique skillset, the next addition to such a display shelf could be a beautiful and faithfully hand-crafted celebration of the very building in which the shelf stands!

An intricately detailed, pure white sandstone ornament, presented on a quality, engraved wooden base. The overall size of the ornament will naturally vary depending on the real-life dimensions of the property, but I sculpt them to fit either a small (10cm x 10cm) or large (15cm x 15cm) oak base.

If this doesn't quite seem to describe the service you were after, I also offer the following:


The Weathered Mason's Process

In order to sculpt a truly faithful likeness of your premises, my first step is to visit the property and photograph the exterior from different angles. I do this using a very small drone that's equipped with collision avoidance and intelligent flight technology, and I myself am an experienced drone pilot, with 128+ hours flight time logged.

All without incident.

I'm generally finished photographing within an hour, and at no point will I need to enter your premises, unless it's the only way to gain access to photograph the rear of the property. In any such case, I'll be sure to do so while complying with the current covid restrictions.

I then take these photos away and use them for reference as I sculpt the ornament in intricate detail. I delete them as soon as the ornament is complete, as I take my customers' privacy very seriously. The finished ornament is then adhered to a quality wooden base, and engraved with "Home", or an engraving of your choosing, before being carefully packaged up and made ready for delivery.

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My charge for this service is £450 for one ornament, whether large or small. This includes all postage and packaging. If you would like to employ my bespoke service for several people, please see my discount pricing structure below for multiple purchases.

You and each of your recommendees may settle the entire bill all at once, or you may choose to pay in two instalments. I require an initial payment of at least £250 for each property before I visit any premises. After I've photographed the property(s), I'll send an invoice via email for the remaining fees. Once settled, I'll start sculpting the ornament(s), which will only take a matter of a couple short weeks.

If you would like more than one of each ornament, I charge £10 per each additional ornament, with no upper limit.



I offer discounted rates if you successfully recommend me to up to four friends who then employ my services. The rates are as follows:

These discounted rates apply to both your ornament and each of your recommendees', although the £10 per additional ornament remains unchanged.

1 recommendee: 10% off (or £405 each)

2 recommendees: 15% off (or £382 each)

3 recommendees: 20% off (or £360 each)

4 recommendees: 25% off (or £337 each)


Get In Touch!

"Beloved Place" Location

I have                     recommendee(s).


If you have recommendees, I'll need to contact them directly to arrange a convenient time for me to pop by and photograph their properties.

Once you submit this form, I'll respond to you directly via email with a unique customer reference code.

To ensure you and your recommendees get your discounts, please pass this reference code along to each of them and tell them to email me, using this reference code as the email subject.

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