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Located in western Scotland, and the tallest peak in the UK, Ben Nevis stands at 4,413ft (1,345m). Vast, glacial valleys, carved into the side of the once volcanic mountainside over the course of millennia, it's easy to see why the frozen crags of Ben Nevis attract the nation's biggest thrill-seekers.

Ornament of Ben Nevis

  • The mountainous region surrounding the UK's tallest peak is nothing short of dramatic. Captured faithfully in this ornament, the summit of Ben Nevis is accessible via a tourist-friendly pony track on the relatively gentle south-western approach. Or, more popular among climbers and ice climbers, via the buttresses, ridges, towers and pinnacles of the north face.


    Ornament Dimensions:

    8.5cm  x  9.5cm  x  2.5cm


    10% Conqueror's discount available for anyone tackling the Ben Nevis summit.




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