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Ingleborough is the second highest mountain in the Yorkshire Dales, with the peak standing at 2,372ft. It is the only one of the Yorkshire Three Peaks to have been designated a site of special scientific interest, owing to the unique way in which the underlying nature of Ingleborough's limestone geology encourages a whole suite of habitats to flourish.


Its peak is a broad plateau that offers very little protection from the elements, other than a well-built, X-shaped wind shelter 40m to the north of the trig point. One sympathises very much with the historic occupants of the iron age hillfort that was established here. Uncommonly for a site in such a location, it is known that the fort was used all year round in the Roman times.

Ornament of Ingleborough

  • Our ornament captures the 1.5km area surrounding Ingleborough's peak. Captured in beautiful detail is the curvature of the hill's iconic topography, rolling out north east from the trig point in the centre. The most photographed angle of the peak is of the ridge that falls away to the north west of the peak.


    Ornament Dimensions:

    8.5cm  x  9.5cm  x  1.5cm


    We had feedback about our original designs, saying they were a little flat and underwhelming. We're a stickler for accuracy at WM, but we fully appreciated that the original design of our Yorkshire Peaks ornaments barely came close to resembling what it feels like to climb these grand old hills. So we've responded with this redesign: still eminently recognisable as the Three Peaks of Yorkshire, but with their topography exaggerated to make them feel a little more like they do during the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.


    10% Conqueror's discount available for anyone tackling the Ingleborough summit.




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