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The Weathered Mason

Faithful Recreations, Quality Craftwork

I'm a sole trader, delivering my unique range of services across Great Britain (mainland England, Scotland and Wales). My ambition is to shine a spotlight on premises and locations that are not ordinarily afforded the grandeur of being immortalised and celebrated in a tangible, keepsake fashion.


Load up any online shop or craft store and you'll be able to find any number of souvenir models for the world's most famous tourist attractions. When it comes to locales that are truly meaningful to people who are based outside of the world's major cities, however, the available options are invariably restricted to either photographs or other 2D interpretive works of art.

The intricately detailed ornaments crafted by The Weathered Mason are faithful recreations of beloved places. Every detail captured and crafted just as they appear in real life, meaning you can appreciate locations that you've seen dozens of times in brand new ways, and keep them forever.

The detail of the craft is achieved by way of "photogrammetry". This involves photographing each location from every conceivable angle, focusing just as intently on the tiny details as on the big picture. Although this sounds like a time-consuming and costly process, images can be gathered surprisingly quickly using new, cutting edge technologies. A structure the size of an average theatre, for example, can usually be covered in under an hour.

These photographs are then compiled to render a digital 3D model of the location, upon which I base my final sculpture. Sandstone has been a historically common material for craftwork, owing to one of its principal properties being its "friability", meaning the finest adjustments can be made to the piece. This makes it a perfect material for sturdy and intricately detailed crafting, even before you get to the The Weathered Mason's signature, striking pure white aesthetic.

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