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As the owner/manager of a visitor attraction, finding items to stock your giftshop shelves can be a tricky challenge, requiring creative and financially viable solutions. Employing The Weathered Mason's unique skillset, not only can visitors take away eye-catching and faithful recreations of your premises, but once it's displayed proudly in their home, it will stimulate enthusiastic conversations with their friends and guests about the day they visited, leading to some of the most valuable word-of-mouth marketing that money can't buy!

My ornaments are intricately detailed, hand-crafted from pure white sandstone, presented on a quality wooden base, engraved with a custom inscription and logo, should you so choose. The overall size of the ornaments will naturally vary depending on the real-life dimensions of the property, but I sculpt them to fit an oak base of 10cm x 10cm.

With my process, once I've made my initial visit to your location, I'll be able to meet your initial order within a few short weeks, and then quickly respond to serial wholesale orders thereafter to restock your giftshop as they inevitably fly off your giftshop shelves(!)

If this doesn't quite seem to describe the service you're after, I also offer the following:


The Weathered Mason's Process

In order to sculpt a truly faithful likeness of your premises, my first step is to visit the premises and photograph the exteriors from different angles. I do this using a very small drone that's equipped with collision avoidance and intelligent flight technology, and I myself am an experienced drone pilot, with 128+ hours logged flight time.

All without incident.

I generally require less than an hour to photograph the property (although if you have a range of several ornaments in mind, I'll likely require an hour for each location/property), and at no point will I need to enter the premises, unless it's the only way to gain access to photograph the rear of the property. In any such case, I'll be sure to do so while complying with the current covid restrictions.

I then take these photos away and use them for reference as I sculpt each ornament in intricate detail. I delete the photographs as soon as the ornament is complete, as I take my customers' privacy very seriously. Each ornament is then adhered to a quality wooden base, which is engraved with a custom inscription of your choosing, before being carefully packaged up and made ready for delivery.

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My charge for this service is £350, plus £16 per ornament with a minimum initial order of 20 units and no upper limit. This price includes all postage and packaging.

You may settle the entire bill all at once, or you may choose to pay in two instalments. I require at least £250 as an initial payment before I visit the premises. After I've photographed the property(s), I'll send an invoice via email for the remaining fees and to confirm ornaments and quantities. Once settled, I'll start sculpting the ornaments, which will only take a matter of a couple short weeks.

I set a minimum initial order of 20 units per ornament (this means 20 units for each location that you'd like to have sculpted). There is no upper limit to the amount of each ornament you can order.

My RRP is £24, but you're free to set whatever price you like.

For subsequent future orders of the same ornament(s), there is no further £350 fee. I simply charge a flat fee of £20 per ornament, with minimum orders of 20 units per ornament.

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